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Blue & Green

"Hue Soulect" is a photography series that explores people’s auras with the use of colored lights. Beginning with the first session that I shot on my birthday, it would go on to dominate my creative output throughout 2020. "Hue Soulect" started as a vision that I was unsure I could pull off. Since then, it’s become one of the projects I’m most proud of.
I’m always inspired by a variety of concepts. But there are three main sources that fueled this project. The first would be the color drawing classes I attended at the University of Missouri, instructed by artist Matt Ballou. Evident by some of my paintings, the ability for colored lights to completely take over the surface of a person is something that I’ve always found fascinating. Second would be the high contrast, dark backgrounds of Caravaggio and other artists of the Baroque period. The third source still remains as the best date question I’ve ever been asked: If your soul were to have two colors, what would they be?

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